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If you’re going backpacking on your own or if you’re going with someone else who is going to stay in their tent you need something to keep you protected from the elements. That means you’re going to need a tent that fits your needs. It needs to be lightweight, comfortable and easy to carry and set up. Luckily for you, these are all great options when it comes to all of those things (and more).

List of Top-Rated 1 Person Backpacking Tents

Product ImageProduct NameRain FlyFootprintCenter HeightAnchoredMore Information
1. EUREKA Solitaire Tent1. EUREKA Solitaire TentNoNo28”YesMore Information
2. Marmot Eos 1p Tent2. Marmot Eos 1p TentYesNo22”YesMore Information
3. Kelty Gunnison Backpacking Tent3. Kelty Gunnison Backpacking TentNoYes43”NoMore Information
4. Peregrine Radama 1 Person Tent4. Peregrine Radama 1 Person TentYesNo32”NoMore Information
5. Marmot Tungsten Backpacking Tent5. Marmot Tungsten Backpacking TentYesYes17.3”YesMore Information

The Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents Reviews

1. EUREKA Solitaire Tent

This solitaire tent is highly durable and provides you with everything from the tent to a fly to the storm guy. You’re going to have everything you need to set it up and you’ll be warm, comfortable and protected from the elements, including rain.

Size and Assembly

This tent is designed for a single user but it’s also designed to be sleek and small while that person is using it. The tent itself has a tubular design which means you can easily lay in it and have plenty of space on each side and at the end without being too overwhelming.

The tent is also simple to assemble because it has shock cording through the frame to help speed up the process. There are also nylon pole sleeves and 3 storm guy outs for the fly. All of this makes it easier to know what you need to do and just how you’re going to do it when it comes time to set up.

Top Features

With this tent, you get ventilation through the mesh roof, which provides you with even more breathability and makes sure you can get enough airflow through the tent. On top of that, it has a full coverage fly to keep out rain and debris while you’re sleeping.

The zipper system makes it easy to enter and exit and there are even storage pockets and a flashlight loop on the inside to make sure everything you have is better organized. The center height of 28” makes it easier for you to sit up and enjoy some relaxation while you’re there too.

Is this a Freestanding Tent?

It’s actually an anchored tent so you will need to put down stakes in order to keep it from moving throughout the night or in the wind.

Do I Need a Footpad?

You actually have a floor with this tent and that means you don’t have to worry about putting in a footpad unless you want to.

This tent is designed to take care of just about anything you want and it does so with a small footprint, which makes it great for backpacking.

2. Marmot Eos 1p Tent

This tent works well for 3 seasons, which means it’s great for all but the coldest weather. It’s also easy for you to set up on your own and lets you get the right amount of air all the way through without having to worry about getting cold.

Construction Material

The materials of this tent are primarily a strong mesh as well as a nylon ripstop material. Both of these help you to keep out bugs and also to let in the right amount of air flow. You’ll be able to get plenty of protection from the water and the elements on all sides as well because the floor is also durable nylon that protects from underneath.

With this tent, you’re getting a durable cover that will protect from the elements too and you won’t have to worry about snags or rips in the material while you’re trying to assemble or disassemble it or even while it’s stored away.

Overall Features

Designed to be roomy and comfortable for a single person, this tent also has plenty of space to store all of your gear and even things like your boots and other gear. There’s a vestibule for things that you don’t necessarily want in the same space as you when you’re sleeping (like a wet or muddy gear).

With this tend you’ll have no problem setting it up with a bare bones design that allows you to get only the fly and poles without all of the extras or even the vestibule. This lets you set it up a lot faster and get ready for the night.

Do You Have to Use the Vestibule?

You can actually set this tent up to be even smaller by not using the vestibule and create a much more minimalist design.

How Quick is Setup?

The setup process is fast, especially if you use the Bare Bones option, and it makes sure you can get out of the weather or the night a whole lot faster.

This is a great tent if you want to stick to a minimalist design but still have options. Also, it’s best if you’re going hiking by yourself.

3. Kelty Gunnison Backpacking Tent

This tent is comfortable for more than just the 1 person that it’s made for and it actually comes with everything you’ll need including a footprint and a carry bag. It’s free standing and has a canopy to make it even more convenient and comfortable for you to use for just about any purpose.

Size and Options

With this tent, you can get an individual option or you can actually choose a larger tent that will comfortably house up to 4 people. There are actually several different options to choose from when it comes to the size you need. On top of that, you’re going to have plenty of space for all of your belongings inside the tent with you.

The fact that there are pockets inside the door and that the door opens easily into the vestibule also provides you with more space to store items that you might want to take with you or even just the pack you’re carrying around with you all day.

Additional Features and Material

This tent is made with no see-um mesh, which allows you to get plenty of air flow through and stay just cool enough in the warmer weather without having to deal with bugs and pests. It also has a polyester floor and fly, which are each designed to keep out rain from the top and bottom while you’re trying to sleep.

This tent packs down small and is rated for three seasons. It’s also a totally freestanding system and provides you with a hubbed pole design, hug clips and connect pole connection. This makes it easier for you to set up. There’s even a footprint included for added protection from the ground.

Does This Tent Include a Footprint?

Yes, you will get a footprint included that can be used under the bottom of this tent to provide even more waterproofing protection.

How Many People Can Fit Inside?

This tent is actually designed for just 1 person but you can comfortably fit at least 2 in most instances, or at least an adult and child.

This tent actually gives you space to sleep or relax as well as a canopy that lets you sit outside and enjoy nature, which definitely makes it a great pick.

4. Peregrine Radama 1 Person Tent

With this tent you’ll have storage pockets, you’ll have a hook and you’ll even have a gear loft so there’s plenty of space for you to store all of your stuff. You even have a floor protector to keep it dry and clean while you’re using the tent.

Materials and Construction

This tent is designed with lightweight materials including aluminum for the poles and polyester for the fly and floor as well as the walls. This helps to create a more protective barrier against rain and moisture from the ground. It also makes sure that you can stay comfortable and get the right amount of air through.

The tent also has a mesh interior that allows more air to get through and even includes a footprint that will provide more protection from the cold and the moisture of the ground. This tent is also sealed to help protect even the seams from letting water through over time.

Additional Features

With this tent, you get everything you need to sleep comfortably as an individual person. You’ll also have a slight shelter area that allows you to store your gear under cover but not inside the tent with you. Inside the tent, however, is the gear loft so some of the smaller items that you want to keep with you can be protected even more and easy at hand.

With this tent, you also have a small packed size, which means you’ll be able to take it with you easily when you’re backpacking and you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to carry it along with your pack. It’s designed to make sure you can be comfortable without having to worry about too much extra space and size. You don’t want something that’s more than what you really need while you’re trying to go minimalist for backpacking.

Does This Tent Include a Footprint?

You don’t get the footprint included with this tent. You’ll need to purchase this separately if you’re interested in additional water protection.

How Easy is this Tent to Set Up?

The setup process is super easy and you can actually get the whole thing together, by yourself in no time at all.
This is a quick and easy tent that’s actually pretty basic but that works great for most people going backpacking anyway.

5. Marmot Tungsten Backpacking Tent

This stylish looking tent is great for warmer weather camping. It gives you a mesh top that’s great for letting plenty of air through and keeping you nice and cool. You’ll need a rain fly separately and possibly another cover if you’re looking to use it in slightly cooler weather.

Weight and Design

This tent is designed to look great and give you a great experience backpacking as well. It’s bright orange in color, which is definitely a lot of fun and has just the right amount of contrast. On top of that, it has a rain fly that helps protect you from precipitation and a footprint that helps to protect against moisture and cold from the ground.

This system is designed with vents as well to help increase the amount of breathability that you have and to make sure that you’re comfortable while you’re sleeping or even just relaxing at the end of the day of travel. It’s also lightweight at only about 4 pounds.

Additional Features

With this tent, you’re not getting a whole lot of extra features, but you’re going to have everything you need. It’s a simple construction and setup process so you can get to sleep in no time. It also has a single door and plenty of venting to keep you comfortable. You won’t have a vestibule either, but there is space for your gear on the inside of the tent.

With this tent, you’ll be spending less than with a lot of the other options, but you’re still going to be getting a lot of the features that you need as far as the basics go. You can still enjoy a great experience backpacking with this tent.

Do You Get a Rain Fly Included With This Tent?

You actually do get both a rain fly and a footprint, which means you’re going to be protected from above and below if it rains.

This is a good tent for those who want to head out backpacking alone and want to make sure they’re protected from inclement weather.


With any of these tents, you’re going to have a great experience on your next camping or backpacking trip. You’ll also have no problem getting them set up on your own and you’ll have plenty of space to rest easy before you head back out for the next leg of your trip.

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