How To Find An Affordable and Reliable Backpacking Coffee Maker?

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You definitely don’t want to miss out on your cup of coffee while you’re backpacking. It’s probably the thing that keeps you awake and makes sure you’re ready to get back out there, right? Well, you don’t have to miss out on coffee. Instead, you can actually use any one of these coffee makers to make sure you have a great cup, whether you like it cold or hot, and no matter where you are on the trail.

List of Top-Rated Backpacking Coffee Makers

Product ImageProduct NamePowerCupsColorMore Information
1. Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffee Maker1. Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffee MakerElectric1Stainless SteelMore Information
2. OXX COFFEEBOXX Job Site Coffee Maker2. OXX COFFEEBOXX Job Site Coffee MakerElectric1YellowMore Information
3. Coleman Grill-Top Coffeemaker3. Coleman Grill-Top CoffeemakerGrill10BlackMore Information
4. Asobu Coldbrew Portable Coffee Maker4. Asobu Coldbrew Portable Coffee MakerNot required1Stainless SteelMore Information
5. Coleman QuickPot Propane Coffee Maker5. Coleman QuickPot Propane Coffee MakerPropane10Stainless SteelMore Information

The Best Backpacking Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is easy to use in smaller spaces because it actually makes single cups. It’s also designed to use grounds and to resist rust because it’s made with stainless steel. Overall, it’s a very simple but well-designed option for your coffee.

Size and Construction

This coffee maker is small, making only a single cup of coffee at a time, but if you’re out camping or backpacking that’s likely all you’re going to want. After all, it’s going to fit in a much smaller space if you’re able to make only a single cup of coffee with the kit.

The coffee mater itself is also made with stainless steel so it’s going to look sleek while you’re using it. You just need to make sure that you have access to electricity in order to use this system as that’s the only way you’re going to get that cup of coffee you really want.

Overall Features

With this coffee maker you can use your own favorite coffee grounds and you can make a 14 ounce cup of coffee or a mug in no time. You’ll even have a built in stand that lets you hold your mugs while you’re brewing that next cup of coffee.

This system is super simple and has an option for regular or bold coffee. All you do is scoop in your grounds, select the style of coffee that you want and wait for it to brew. There’s no extra steps and no extra features to choose from either.

Can I Use Fine Ground Coffee?

This coffee maker is designed for regular ground coffee, which means you should avoid using too coarse or too fine of a grind.

Does This Coffee Maker Make Strong Coffee?

You can absolutely get strong coffee, but make sure you don’t put too many grounds in the filter or you could end up with an overflow.

This stainless steel option is great for just about any kind of coffee and the fact that it’s single serve makes it even more convenient.

2. OXX COFFEEBOXX Job Site Coffee Maker

This is a unique option for sure because it’s actually a single cup brewer but it looks like the large pots you’d get on a job site. The durable exterior also makes it better for job sites, no matter what you’re doing, but everyone gets a hot cup.

Overall Features

This is definitely a unique coffee maker because it’s designed to be used on a job site. As a result, it’s designed to be tough and durable enough to stand up to the rigors that go along with working on the job side. It’s a single serve coffee maker, but it’s useable with any size of those cups and different sizes of your personal cups as well.
With this system you get an extra large water tank that lets you fill it up and then make individual cups of coffee for each person who wants one. There’s also a quick process to get that first cup of coffee because it can heat in just 30 seconds and brew a cup in 70.

Durability and Strength

This coffee maker has plenty of the durability that you’re looking for. Not only is it crush proof up to 15000 pounds, but it also is water and dust resistant. It’s fully sealed to make sure that the water or debris isn’t going to get into the buttons or into the water supply itself.

With this system you’ll be able to access everything you need but you won’t have to worry about anything else getting in. You’re going to have great tasting coffee without ever having to put in a lot of work for yourself. This machine does it all.

What Type of Reusable Cups Does This Use?

You can actually use most reusable cups here, which makes it more convenient for you to use your own favorite coffee.

Is This Really Durable?

It’s far more durable than most standard coffee makers which is what makes it a good option for on the job use.
This is a great option for those who need a more durable coffee maker. It’s great for backpacking because it’s designed for heavy duty work zones.

3. Coleman Grill-Top Coffeemaker

Designed to work on a camp stove this is a simple and convenient option that you can use whenever you’re out camping. As long as you have your grill with you there’s no problem making that next pot of coffee too.

Heating Ability

This is a unique type of coffeemaker because it actually heats itself up over the grill. You don’t even need to have electricity or batteries or any type of fuel source because you’re going to light up your grill and then set the coffee pot on top of it. That way you’ll have coffee in no time at all. At least, once you get the water hot enough.

This system lets you get more coffee while you’re at it as well because it’s actually an entire canister of the coffee. You get up to 10 cups at a time with a single brewing. That means you’re going to have the option for just about any hot beverages you want to make or even a cup of soup.

Overall Features

This coffee maker is designed to go over a 2 burner or 3 burner stove and create just about any hot beverage that you want. It has a swing-out filter basket that makes it easy to put in the new grounds and the filter that you need. On top of that it has a pause feature so you can pour your first cup while it’s still brewing.

The decanter is easy to pour with and has a solid steel base that helps to conduct the heat in just the right way. That way you get the hottest coffee you can but you don’t have to worry about anything scorching or burning while you’re doing it.

Does This Coffee Maker Need Electricity?

You don’t need any electricity here because you’re just using the maker to hold your water, grounds and pot for the coffee. The heat is coming from the stove.

Does it Keep the Coffee Hot?

It doesn’t keep your coffee hot because it needs to be turned back off once the brewing process is done but you can get a separate hot plate for the coffee cup.

This is a good model for those who don’t have a lot of extra features while they’re hiking or backpacking but do like to keep a stove handy.

4. Asobu Coldbrew Portable Coffee Maker

If you love cold brew coffee this is the portable coffee maker for you. It’s great for fresh brewed coffee that tastes great and brews quickly. It’s a single serve option with a whole lot of features you’ll want to check out.

Overall Features

With this coffee maker you’re actually going to get cold coffee, which is strange for some and great for others. The system doesn’t need any power because all you do is pour the water over the coffee grounds and let it steep. The grounds are going to continue to steep for over 12 hours, which means it’s best to make up your cold brew the day before you want it.

Once you’ve allowed the coffee to steep long enough you can pour it out or just use the carafe that’s right there in the set and you’ll be able to enjoy that cup of coffee in no time. It’s even BPA free and stainless steel so it’s not going to rust.

Design and Size

The design of this system is unique, but it’s definitely going to get the job done in no time at all. The carafe that your coffee is poured into is a little different in shape but all you have to do is disconnect the upper portion of the coffee maker and you’ll have only the carafe left. On top of that you get to choose between different colors that provide the right design for you.

With this coffee maker you’re going to have a vacuum insulated brewer that’s easy to take with you on your travels but maybe not quite as easy to use because it takes so long for you to be able to brew that next cup of cold coffee.

Is the Coffee Ready to Drink From Here?

Absolutely. You just brew the coffee with the instructions and your favorite blend and you’ll be able to drink it once the brewing is done.

How Long Does it Take to Brew?

Cold brewing takes around 12 – 24 hours for most in order to get it fully ready and the temperature that you’re looking for.

This coffee maker is great if you’re able to set it up and leave it until the day you leave. Then you’ll have cold brew coffee to take with you.

5. Coleman QuickPot Propane Coffee Maker

Looking to get hot coffee but don’t have access to electricity or want to deal with batteries? This system actually uses propane and makes it super convenient for you to use the tank you already have for your portable grill top to make your coffee.

Overall Features

With this coffee maker you’re going to use propane in order to heat it up. This is another super unique option but it’s one that’s going to work out quite well because it lets you use something you probably have on hand already anyway, propane. You can use the propane to get a great pot and make sure there’s enough coffee for everyone.
This pot makes up to 10 cups of coffee at a time and all you need to do is hook up the propane and push a single button. Just like that it will get started brewing your next cup of coffee. It’s also able to give you up to 4.5 hours of coffee brewing on a single cylinder, so you know you have plenty available.

Design and Style

The design of this coffee maker definitely looks unique. It’s a strange one because of the propane that has to go in the back and the process of trying to protect the propane tank in the back. There’s no reason that you should have less than ideal coffee when you can get it done so quickly and easily.

This system also has a unique upper section with the bright red but this is only going to add to the style and the look that you’re going for. Or at least, the look that you’re willing to have for your next backpacking trip.

Can You Keep the Pot Heated?

You can keep the propane connected and keep the pot warm but if you turn off the pot it doesn’t have an added hot plate.

Is This a Single Serve Brewer?

This is designed to make enough coffee for the whole group. It actually brews a full pot of 12 cups in each round.
This is great for anyone who wants to make coffee for everyone on the trip and who has propane easily available for that trip.


These coffee makers aren’t going to let you down. They’re designed to make sure you have a great cup of coffee and they do that because they’re made by high quality companies that you can count on. Plus you get to choose between several different styles of brewing and even different heating options.

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