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If you’re going backpacking you need a jacket that’s going to provide you with a happy medium between protection and breathability. Backpacking, even in the colder months, can make you warmer than you would think and you want a jacket that isn’t going to be too heavy to bear. After all, you’re going to want something to protect you from the wind and the weather. But you don’t want something too light that isn’t going to give you what you’re looking for.

List of Top-Rated Backpacking Jackets

Product ImageProduct NameMen/WomenColorsWaterproofMaterialMore Information
1. Wantdo Men's Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket1. Wantdo Men's Mountain Waterproof Ski JacketMen7YesPolyesterMore Information
2. Mountain Hardwear Men's Finder Waterproof Rain Jacket2. Mountain Hardwear Men's Finder Waterproof Rain JacketMen6YesDry.Q CoreMore Information
3. Arc'teryx Incendo Hoody3. Arc'teryx Incendo HoodyMen2NoPolyesterMore Information
4. Columbia Men's Ascender Softshell Jacket4. Columbia Men's Ascender Softshell JacketMen20NoPolyesterMore Information
5. Eddie Bauer Men's Cloud Layer Pro5. Eddie Bauer Men's Cloud Layer ProMen5NoPolyesterMore Information

The Best Backpacking Jackets Reviews

1. Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

This ski jacket is great for heading out in the cold weather and gives you a water repellent exterior with a fuzzy interior. You’ll be able to stay nice and warm and comfortable, plus you’ll be protected from wind and rain.

Design and Size

With this jacket, you’re going to have your choice of sizes because it comes in 6 different ones. On top of that, you get to choose between 7 different colors so you can find something that matches your personal preferences. It’s also made with high-quality materials including a water repellent polyester and a fuzzy lining.

This jacket has a comfortable design with a relaxed fit and adjustable cuffs to help you keep out the cold as well as moisture. You’ll even have a glove built right in that has a thumb hole so you can keep yourself even warmer without any added pieces.

Overall Features

This jacket has a powder skirt on the inside that helps to prevent wind from getting in and even has a detachable hood to help you protect your head and face. The multitude of pockets throughout the inside and outside of the jacket also help you to store all of your belongings so they are easy to access.

With this jacket, you’ll even have a media pocket on the inside and an earphone line fastener to help you listen to your favorite music from inside the jacket. Great for all types of outdoor sports, this jacket is going to be a great choice for your backpacking needs.

Is This Jacket Designed for Cold Weather?

This is a jacket you can wear in colder weather. Even in the middle of winter, it can create a warm buffer from the elements.

Does the Hood Have a Zipper?

It’s designed with a zipper so you can easily remove the hood and make sure it’s ready for you, however, you want to use it.

This jacket is great for just about any weather, including the coldest temperatures. It’s also great for keeping out water.

2. Mountain Hardwear Men’s Finder Waterproof Rain Jacket

This jacket is waterproof but still highly breathable so you can feel comfortable no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is something you’ll appreciate as far as quality control.

Design and Style

With this jacket, you’re going to have 6 different colors to choose from so you can choose your personal preference and what you like best. You’re also going to have no problem with the design because it’s a basic raincoat design. This helps you to feel comfortable while you’re out, whether you’re backpacking or just going about your day.

Available in several sizes from small to XXL, this jacket is completely waterproof and breathable, making sure that you stay warm but still comfortable throughout the day, no matter what the temperature is outside. It’s also made with abrasion-resistant fabric to keep it durable and ready to use for a long time to come.

Waterproof Design

What’s even more important is that you get fully taped seams to help compliment the waterproof material itself. This means that you don’t have to worry about water getting in over the main portion of the jacket or in the areas where it’s sewn together.

This jacket even has a lifetime warranty included so if you’re not happy with its craftsmanship for any reason, including the waterproof abilities, you can contact the company and get a refund on the price. It’s meant to be high quality waterproof, after all.

Is This Jacket Completely Waterproof?

This is a waterproof jacket that will keep you more comfortable and dry no matter what the weather is outside.

Is This a Windproof Jacket?

Yes, this jacket is designed to keep the wind out and away from you, which means that you’ll have no problem staying warmer.

This jacket is designed to keep you warm and dry, no matter what’s going on around you. It’s a great option even for colder weather.

3. Arc’teryx Incendo Hoody

This is a lightweight layer for those times when you’re heading out in a little warmer weather. It’s breathable and lightweight but it’s also easy to pack if you’re not sure you’re going to need it. You can compress it down quite small.

Design and Style

The design of this jacket is quite simple because it’s meant to be a lightweight rain jacket. It’s compressible, which makes it easy to pack up and take along with you when you’re heading out on a backpacking trip. Not only that but it has a breathable construction that helps you feel comfortable when the weather is warm or cool.

The anatomical shape makes for a better fit and also keeps you more comfortable while the patterning is designed to give you the freedom to move however you want. Not only that but you’ll get a hood that fits well over your head and a full front zipper that has a flap to keep the wind out while you’re walking in the cold.

Overall Features

This jacket comes in 2 different colors and gives you plenty of features, including wind resistance. That allows you to continue enjoying your trip in the wilderness, even when the weather starts getting a little less than ideal. You’ll get plenty of ventilation through the underarm panels and you’ll also have a jacket made with polyester for easy cleaning.

With this jacket, you get a tight fit at the base of the arm to provide a little more movement and flexibility but you’re going to have a tapered style elsewhere to make sure you don’t feel too restricted or too confined while you’re wearing it. Even for more extensive workouts, this jacket is designed to keep you nice and comfortable.

Is This Jacket Good for Heavy Athletic Use?

This is a thin and breathable jacket that you can use when you’re going out for a run or you want to take a faster hike.

This is a great jacket for those who want to stay comfortable when you’re working out in the great outdoors.

4. Columbia Men’s Ascender Softshell Jacket

This is a lightweight jacket that can still help you stay warm even when the weather starts to get colder. It’s designed to protect you from water and wind and also keeps out cooler air, though it’s not designed for the coldest of days.

Style and Design

Available in 20 different colors, this softshell jacket is designed to help you enjoy your trip out in the wilderness. It’s made with 100% polyester on the exterior to make sure that you can clean it easily and to keep you more comfortable while you’re wearing it. That’s not the only great feature of the design.

This jacket comes in several different sizes to help you get the right fit and also has a moderate fit that gives you just the right amount of flexibility while not creating too large of a surface where you’re trying to move. You get a high color and a zippered design to help keep out wind and keep in your body heat.

Overall Features

This jacket has several pockets so you can store everything you want to take with you and it has a comfortable fit with adjustable sleeves to help you wrap them tightly. You’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors in this jacket that’s wind and water-resistant and you can stay warm and dry no matter what’s going on outside.

Designed to stay soft and protect you from the elements, this jacket extends just past the hips to provide you with protection all the way around. It’s also made by a company that’s well known for quality outdoor gear and this jacket is no exception. You can wear it on its own or layer it to get even more warmth and protection.

Does This Jacket Work Well for Wind?

This is a great jacket for those are outside in the wind. This is a great way to keep yourself warmer and more comfortable.

What Type of Fit Does This Jacket Have?

This jacket is designed for a regular fit. That means it doesn’t fit too loose or too tight when you pick out the proper size for you.

This is a good jacket for those who want to stay warm and dry but don’t want to get too warm at the same time.

5. Eddie Bauer Men’s Cloud Layer Pro

This jacket is lightweight and comfortable enough you can wear it anytime, not just backpacking. It’s also designed to keep you warm outdoors. Made with polyester, it’s intended to have a slightly closer fit than other jackets.

Overall Design

The design of this jacket is much like your favorite fleece, but this jacket is made with water-resistant materials like polyester and nylon. You’ll have spandex throughout as well, which helps to create a more fitted style for this jacket through the shoulders, arms and even though the main part of the torso.

Available in several different colors, this jacket is great for the wilderness and even for more active people in general. It’s made with fleece on the inside to keep it comfortable and it has a streamlined, narrow look to help keep you from looking bulkier.

Overall Features

With this jacket, you’re going to have warmth and comfort as well as no problem moving around freely when it comes to your backpacking trip. While you’re climbing mountains or wandering through the trails you want to have complete freedom for your movement and this jacket is designed to give you just that.

Here you’re going to have extra pockets that let you carry all of your gear and they each have zippers so you don’t have to worry about losing anything while you’re walking. This jacket can even be layered together with other layers to create a warmer combination or you can wear it alone if you just need something lightweight.

How Heavy Is This Jacket?

These jackets are quite lightweight. They weigh less than 1 pound, about 13 ounces, and yet they provide just the right warmth.

How Does This Jacket Fit?

It’s designed to fit close but not too tight. It’s also designed to be easy for you to move around in, no matter what you’re planning to do.

This is a great jacket for those who want to have the freedom to move around and to engage in more advanced activities.


These jackets are each designed to help you with the cold, though they’re mostly for warm to cool temperatures rather than trying to use them in anything too cold. You just have to take a look at which one meets your needs best because they each have their merits. Not only that but each of them is lightweight enough that you can wear them with different layers or you can wear them in more moderate temperatures entirely by themselves. You’ll have the option to keep yourself looking great at the same time too.

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