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If you’re heading out backpacking you need to have a way to eat your meals. That’s where a mess kit comes in. This type of kit allows you to have everything that you need in one place and also makes sure that you can have your next meal more easily.

All you need to do is find the right mess kit to make your next meal ready to go. Each of these mess kits will provide you with everything you’re looking for and before you know it, you’re going to be well on your way for that next trip.

List of Top-Rated Backpacking Mess Kits

Product ImageProduct NamePotStuff SackCapacityMaterialMore Information
1. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Cook Set1. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Cook SetYesYes1 PersonAluminumMore Information
2. TOAKS Titanium Pot with Pan2. TOAKS Titanium Pot with PanYesNo1 PersonTitaniumMore Information
3. OLICAMP Mess Kit3. OLICAMP Mess KitYesNo1 PersonStainless SteelMore Information
4. MSR 2 Person Mess Kit4. MSR 2 Person Mess KitNoYes2 PersonPolypropyleneMore Information
5. Gold Armour Camping Cookware5. Gold Armour Camping CookwareYesYes1 PersonAluminumMore Information

The Best Backpacking Mess Kits Reviews

1. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Cook Set

If you’re looking for a quality cook set this is a great option made with high-quality materials like Teflon and extra non-stick coatings. You’ll be able to cook for yourself with no problem and eat everything you make as well.

What’s Included

With this kit, you’re going to get a few different pieces that make it a whole lot easier to prepare the next meal that you’re taking to go camping or backpacking. This set includes a pot as well as a strainer lid and a mug or bowl. You’ll also have a fork/spoon combination and a stuff sack that keeps everything contained.

All of these pieces are designed to make it much easier for you to prepare your next meal and to make sure that it tastes great while you’re at it. You’ll be able to use each of these directly over your cooking stove or your fire to make whatever you want.

Materials and Features

The pieces here are primarily made with a Teflon coating to make sure that nothing is going to stick. This is even more important when washing your dishes is difficult and you don’t want to spend a whole lot of time trying to get stuck on food off your dishes.

The set is designed to be spill-proof and to keep your food hot for a longer period. That means you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to prepare or eat the food. The whole thing has a low center of gravity which keeps it from tipping or spilling while you eat or even while you cook.

Do These Containers Have Marks for Measurements?

You do get marks on the inside of the cup to help you with measuring out ingredients that you want to cook together.

Can You Use This On an Indoor Stove?

You can use this on your indoor stove with no problem, though you’ll need to make sure that you don’t cook it on too high of a heat.

This set is great for cooking just about any of your favorite meals and will allow you to cook anywhere you want. It’s a good set for the backpacker who wants to keep things neat and ready to go.

2. TOAKS Titanium Pot with Pan

Made with heavy-duty titanium, this set is small enough that you can carry it with you easily but still large enough to make a meal for 1. It even nests together to make sure it’s easier for you to pack in your bags while you’re backpacking.

What’s Included

You’re going to have a pot and a pan with this set which means you’re going to have more versatility with the cooking that you want to do. You’ll be able to easily and quickly prepare just about anything you want and you can make sure that it’s all clean and packed away when you’re done as well.

This kit even has additional options that you can add on later and all of the pieces will nest together, including a wood stove and even the gas canister and a bowl. If you pick up all the pieces to this set you’re going to have plenty of extras that help you enjoy a hot meal.

Features and Materials

The pots and pans here are made with titanium, which allows them to be durable and high quality without having to be too heavy at the same time. That makes it a whole lot easier for you to clean up and a whole lot easier for you to pack up when you’re ready to head out again.

You even get gradation marks on the inside of the pot to make sure that you know how much of each ingredient you’re adding and even hos much water or anything else you might want to add as you start cooking a meal.

Can You Nest Other Pots Inside This One?

There are several different pots in this same line that you can nest together to make sure they take up as little space as possible.

Can I Store a Fuel Cannister Inside?

You absolutely can. That makes it easier and more convenient to carry with you without having to worry about proper fuel storage.

This set is great because it allows you to store everything together and conveniently stack it all. You’ll easily be able to prepare for that next backpacking trip.

3. OLICAMP Mess Kit

With this kit, you’re going to have a pot and a pan as well as a measuring cup that makes it easier for you to prepare for that next meal. It’s also made with high-quality stainless steel so you can feel comfortable using it for anything you want to cook.

What’s Included

With this mess kit, you’re going to have a pot as well as a pan and you’re also going to have a measuring cup that you can use to separate everything. The latch that holds the pans together when you’re done with them will also double as a handle to help you while you’re cooking.

With this kit, you’re going to even have lids for your pots and pans and handles that make them easy to maneuver. This means you can cook just about anything and the measuring cup is designed to help you figure out just how much of everything you’re going to need.

Features and Materials

This system is all made with stainless steel except for the measuring cup which is made with a type of plastic. This helps all the pieces be resistant to any kind of corrosion or rusting and also makes sure that they are lightweight and easy for you to store.

You can put all of these pieces directly into each other and then put them into your pack without having to take up much room and without having to worry about how much-added weight they might be putting into your bag.

Does Everything Fit Together?

Yes, you can pack everything in together to make sure that it takes up as little space as possible. That makes it easier to pack.

How Does the Handle Work?

The handle works great for use of the frying pan and it can be wrapped around the pan to make sure everything stays together.

With this mess kit, you’re going to have plenty of pieces to make your meal but everything packs easily so you don’t need as much space.

4. MSR 2 Person Mess Kit

Designed to help 2 of you to have the food you want when you want it, this kit actually includes all of the different utensils that you’re going to need. Just make sure you pick one up for you and your travel companion.

What’s Included

You’re going to get everything that you need for 2 of you to eat a great meal with this mess kit. It comes with 2 insulated mugs as well as 2 bowls, 2 sporks and a bag that you can put it all in. What that means is you’re going to be off to a much easier start when it comes to eating that great meal you just cooked.

Because everything shrinks down relatively small you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to store it and you’ll be able to put everything directly in the stuff sack and then in your pack with no problem. Or you can even hang the stuff sack on the outside of your regular bag.

Materials and Features

Everything here is made with a type of high-quality plastic that’s meant to be strong enough to use while you’re out but lightweight at the same time. You’ll be able to put everything out of the way and make sure that it’s ready to go the next time.

The bright colors make it a whole lot of fun but it’s the versatility of the different pieces that you’re getting what’s going to make a difference. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that won’t work for you, after all.

Does This Set Collapse Down?

You don’t get anything that collapses with this set, which means you’re going to need a little more space to keep it packed up for the trip.

Is the Set High Quality?

The pieces are made with durable materials to make sure that you get plenty of use out of them. This means you get quality.

You’ll have the utensils and dishes that you need to enjoy your meal with this set. This makes it easier for you to eat and pack up.

5. Gold Armour Camping Cookware

This is one of the largest cookware mess kits you’re going to find and it provides you with a little bit of everything for cooking as well as eating your meals. It’s also easy enough to pack up and take with you wherever you go.

What’s Included

You’re going to get a whole lot of things with this set because it comes with an entire set of silverware as well as a pot and pan, bowls and additional gear. The pot and frying pan are made with anodized aluminum that’s FDA approved and the silverware is made with high-quality stainless steel. You’re even going to have a mini stove included here.

The system is easy to use and made with quality products. You don’t have to worry about how to transport it either because there’s even a mesh bag included that you’ll be able to put everything into so you can keep it together and make sure you’re prepared for the next meal.

All About Construction

These pieces are made with high-quality materials and are designed free of BPA and a whole lot more. You can feel more confident and comfortable using them to make meals or eat meals for your entire family. Not only that but you’ll be able to pack them up in your bag easily.

With these pieces, you’re getting stainless steel, BPA free plastic, and anodized aluminum and all of those pieces are going to help you cook up and eat up the meals that you’ve been wanting to make while you’re out backpacking and more.

Can You Use Different Types of Fuel?

You can use several different types of fuel with this set as long as you get the adaptor that makes it fit more easily.

How Large is the Pot?

The largest pot is 4 cups, which means that you’re going to have no problem cooking enough food for a couple of people.

You’re going to love this set because it’s designed to make your dining experience easier. It does that with the variety and versatility that you get.


With any of these mess kits, you’re going to have no problem cooking up your meals and enjoying them. You’ll be able to quickly and easily pack them up into your current bags and make sure that you are ready for anything on the trip.

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