Each Of These Budget Backpacking Sleeping Bags Is A Good Choice!

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When you’re going backpacking you need a great sleeping bag that’s going to keep you warm and comfortable. Not only that but you’re going to need something light enough to carry on your backpack and also something that’s going to pack up small enough to fit inside your bag. That’s what makes it best for backpacking.

List of Top-Rated Budget Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Product ImageProduct NameStuff SackTemperature RatingWater ResistantPocketMore Information
1. TETON Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag1. TETON Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping BagYes0°FYesYesMore Information
2. Marmot Men's NanoWave 552. Marmot Men's NanoWave 55Yes55°FYesNoMore Information
3. Mountainsmith Redcloud Sleeping Bag3. Mountainsmith Redcloud Sleeping BagNo20°FYesNoMore Information
4. Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Torch4. Mountain Hardwear Bozeman TorchYes0°FYesNoMore Information
5. Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Flame5. Mountain Hardwear Bozeman FlameYes17°FYesNoMore Information

The Best Budget Backpacking Sleeping Bags Reviews

1. TETON Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

With this sleeping bag, you’re going to have no problem staying warm in just about any weather. It’s rated for 3-4 seasons and it includes a compression sack to make sure it packs down as small as possible for easier transport.

Materials and Use

With this bag, you’re getting a mummy-style sleeping bag that’s made with quality materials. It’s designed with a three-piece hood and it has plenty of space for you to move around. You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get comfortable because this bag is designed to make that process a whole lot easier.

When you’re ready to use this sleeping bag you just need to unzip the side and climb on in. It’s that simple and you’ll be ready to get a good night’s sleep with this bag. If you have a sleeping pad you can even put this bag right on top of it.

Top Features

You’re going to have several features with this bag but the most important one is that you’re going to have a bag that’s rated to 5°F. That means you can stay nice and warm no matter what’s going for most of the year. This bag is rated for three to four seasons of camping and backpacking.

With this bag, you’re getting a larger toe box to make it more comfortable for you and you’re getting a bag that adds insulation to the toe rather than taking it away. You don’t even have to roll your sleeping bag when you’re done with it here because you can stuff it into the compression sack.

Can Taller Users Use This Bag?

This is a great bag for users of any size. Even those who are over 6 feet tall can comfortably use this bag.

What Rating is this Bag for Weather?

This bag is rated down to -9°F. That means you’re going to have no problem keeping warm no matter what’s happening outside.

This bag is designed to keep you nice and warm and also to pack down as small as possible to help you be prepared for that next backpacking trip.

2. Marmot Men’s NanoWave 55

Designed to keep you comfortable and warm in the coldest of weather, this bag has a high loft to provide you with more comfort overall as well. Not only that but it’s made with a Snagless design to make it easier to use.

Materials and Uses

This bag is made with extra loft insulation and it’s rated to work at even lower temperatures. It has the tapered design of a mummy bag, which allows you to take up less space in your sleeping bag. All you have to do is set it up and you’re going to have plenty of comfort and warmth for the night.

This bag is great for users of just about any size and works great for short and tall users as well. Because of the length you can easily climb in and get comfortable for your next backpacking trip. And you can use the zipper to adjust the level of warmth you have.

Overall Features

This bag has high loft but what’s going to be great is you don’t have to roll it because it comes with a compression sack. You also don’t have to worry about how to keep it just tight enough around you while you’re sleeping because it has drawcords to help you with the process. The Snagless tube is also designed to protect itself.

This bag is super lightweight and it’s very durable. It’s ready for just about anything that you want to do and will help you stay nice and warm as well as dry enough while you’re camping or going out into the wilderness the next time.

Can You Wash This Bag Easily?

This bag can be washed however you like and then hung to dry. It’s not meant to be put in the dryer so be careful how you clean it.

Does This Bag Pack Down Small?

It’s great for packing down because it goes all the way to just 4” x 6”. This makes it easy to put into a backpack with everything else you need.

This bag is easy to pack and it’s simple to zip up and down as well. Not only that but you’re going to have plenty of soft lofts to go along with it.

3. Mountainsmith Redcloud Sleeping Bag

Here you’re going to have a mummy bag that’s slim-fit for even more comfort. Not only that but it’s made to fit even taller users and comes in a beautiful ochre color that’s going to add to the look and style of your camping gear.

Overall Features

This bag is made with high-quality polyester and has hollow fiber insulation that’s meant to keep you nice and warm. It’s great for tall users and creates a very form fitted mummy-style for the bag. This is designed to keep you a lot warmer and to make sure you can stay comfortable at 20°F.

This bag comes in a sleek orange/red color that’s going to look great even after you use it for a long time as well. It even has a draft tube that’s designed to keep all of the heat from your body right inside the sleeping bag where you want it to be instead of letting it out.

Uses and Materials

This bag is great for slightly warmer to moderate weather rather than for the coldest parts of the year. On top of that, you’re going to have no problem staying nice and dry, especially when you use this sleeping bag along with a sleeping pad or even a footprint under your tent.

With this sleeping bag, you’re getting a polyester construction that’s durable and long-lasting. It’s also super easy to clean so you can be prepared for anything and you can have your sleeping bag ready to go again whenever you are.

Does This Bag Work for Taller People?

It’s a little over 6 feet in length, which makes it great even for most taller users while still keeping you comfortable.

Does it Unzip All the Way?

You can easily unzip this bag all the way around and get into and out of it a whole lot more comfortable for the night.

This bag is designed to keep you comfortable and warm no matter what the weather is outside. Not only that but it’s going to be tall enough for anyone.

4. Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Torch

Rated to 0°F, this sleeping bag is great for men and women because it’s comfortable and roomy enough while still following an overall mummy bag style. That means you’re going to have plenty of comforts.

Rating and Warmth

Rated down to 0°F, this sleeping bag is going to keep you feeling a whole lot better throughout the night. You’ll be able to stay nice and warm during all but the coldest nights of the year and you’ll be able to do it with a great sleeping bag as well. This one is designed in a mummy-style and provides enough protection for nearly your entire body.

With this bag, you’re still going to have a little bit of room on the inside and you’re going to have a stuff sack that you can put your stuff in or you can flip it inside out and use it as your new pillow while you’re sleeping in your bag.

Overall Features

There are plenty of additional features available with this bag as well. For one thing, it gives you some more room to move around than a traditional mummy bag. This means you can still get some flexibility and you won’t have the added constriction.

You’re also going to have plenty of insulation that makes sure you stay warm while you’re using this bag. On top of all that the bag is made with polyester, which makes it super easy to clean in case anything happens to it. You just throw it in the washing machine and you’ll be ready to go.

What Side Does This Zip Up?

This bag zips up the left side so you can easily get in and out and make sure that you have plenty of space to maneuver.

Does This Bag Come With a Compression Sack?

It does not come with a compression sack, which means you’ll need to pick one up yourself or you’ll need to try to pack it down more.

This bag is great for those who want more comfort and a little bit of versatility to their bag as well. If you don’t want something too tight it will keep you comfortable.

5. Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Flame

This bag is designed in a mummy-style but is not too tight to make sure you have room to move around. You’ll also have something warm to sleep in and it’s plenty long enough for most users who are taller as well.

Overall Features

This bag has some of the same features that you’ll find with most of the other sleeping bags. It’s designed to give you the warmth that you want and to keep you feeling nice and dry while you sleep. It has a mummy-style to it so you can feel cocooned in without also feeling too constricted. On top of that, it’s designed with polyester to make it simple to clean and more.

The polyester makes it easy to move around in as well, so you can be more comfortable throughout the night. All you have to do is pick the right size for you and you’ll be off and ready for the next time you want to use your sleeping bag.

Size and Options

With this bag you’re going to have several different size options, so you can make sure you have the right one for you and that you feel comfortable in it. Not only that but you’re going to have a bag that doesn’t give you cold spots and that has single-hand drawcords that will let you adjust everything about it without having to worry about getting out of your warm sleeping back to do it.

What is the Temperature Rating for This Bag?

This bag is rated to 17°F, which means you can easily enjoy backpacking even when the weather is a little cooler.

How Heavy is This Bag?

This bag is quite lightweight at just over 3 pounds. That means you’ll be able to put it in your regular backpack easily.

With this bag, you’re going to be plenty comfortable and you’re going to have no problem moving around as much as you need.


With any of these sleeping bags, you’re going to have a budget pack that you can feel comfortable using because it’s warm and just the right size. You’ll have no problem finding something that you can move around in and you’ll also be able to take it with you backpacking or anywhere else you want to go. There’s no reason to settle for a less than stellar backpack just because you’re trying to watch the amount that you spend on your bag.

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