Each Of These Lenses for Sports Photography Nikon Are A Good Choice!

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If you’re looking for a way to make the best possible pictures then you’re going to want the best lens. If you’re going to be taking sports photos this can be even more important. You need something that will get you right up close to the action and take a completely clear photo. So, how are you going to make sure of that? You want to get the best possible lens. With any of these you’re going to have that, so just take a closer look and see how each one works for you.

List of Top-Rated Lenses for Sports Photography Nikon

Product ImageProduct NameAutofocusImage StabilizationMore Information
1. Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR1. Nikon AF-P DX NIKKORYesYesMore Information
2. Altura Photo Fisheye Lens2. Altura Photo Fisheye LensYesYesMore Information
3. Sigma Sports DG OS HSM Lens for Nikon3. Sigma Sports DG OS HSM Lens for NikonNoNoMore Information
4. Nikon AF-S TC-17E II Teleconverter Lens4. Nikon AF-S TC-17E II Teleconverter LensYesYesMore Information
5. Tamron All-in-One Zoom Lens5. Tamron All-in-One Zoom LensYesYesMore Information

The Best Lenses for Sports Photography Nikon Reviews


Here you’re getting an authentic Nikon lens. That means you’re going to have something that’s designed for your camera and to provide you the best of the best. It connects to many different cameras from the Nikon lines and gives you just the right amount of focus distance and focal length.

Size and Design

With this lens, you’re getting a moderate overall size, which is great if you’re going to be taking it around with you anywhere. It’s designed to give you a wide angle because of the shape of the lens itself and the hood surrounding it. All of this is packed into a lightweight and durable piece that can easily snap into your camera and release when you’re done.

You get a design that’s even compatible with video recording and provides you with a wide range of different camera types, even more, if you choose to download the firmware option. This will increase compatibility overall.

Overall Features

With this lens, you’re going to have an angle of view of approximately 109 degrees to 70 degrees. You’ll also have extremely quiet autofocus so you can easily zoom into anything you want without interrupting your concentration. This is especially important when you’re taking a video.

Designed with image stabilization and great for even low light shooting, this is a great lens for getting up close and personal. You can get up to 0.8 feet away from something and still get a super clean image that you’re going to want to put up (or sell).

Do You Get a Lens Hood Included With This Lens?

You will get a lens hood and you’ll have a cloth bag that you can carry it all in too so the lens is better protected.

How Do I Know If This Will Work With My Camera?

There are many ways to check whether this lens is designed for your camera but the best way is to check the Nikon website.

You can get a lot out of this lens and since it’s made by Nikon you know it’s going to fit most of the Nikon cameras you may have.

2. Altura Photo Fisheye Lens

Designed for the Nikon, this lens is considered an aspherical fisheye. That means it’s going to be a unique camera and it’s going to give you some really good pictures. Of course, that’s only the beginning of what’s great about this camera.

Style and Design

This lens is considered an aspherical fisheye. That means you’re getting a very unique design of the lens because it has a larger curve and bevel for the lens. On top of that it has an ultra-wide angle and comes with a hood that helps to protect the lens while you’re using it.

You get a sleek design and you’re going to have compatibility with a range of different Nikon APS-C cameras and full-frame cameras. This means you’re going to have plenty of versatility and you can enjoy using this one however you want.

Overall Features

With this lens, you’re going to have 180 degrees , unobstructed views if you use it with a Nikon APS-C camera and remove the hood. You’ll also get a lens cap included that’s designed to keep this lens better protected when it’s not in use and make sure there are no scratches.

It offers f/3.0 aperture to help you get the best quality pictures without having to worry about lighting and also has 5 additional aperture stops to help you select the right setting for whatever picture you need. It’s multi-layer lens coated and considered a hybrid design to make urea you get the best look to each of your photos.

Does This Lens Feature Auto Focus?

It does not have autofocus so you will have to go through the focus process on your own.

Is This a Manual Lens?

This is a fully manual lens, which means you’re going to need to control everything from speed to aperture entirely on your own.

This is a good lens for some unique photos and will help you get a better picture no matter what you’re trying to get.

3. Sigma Sports DG OS HSM Lens for Nikon

Here we have a lens that offers some excellent optical stabilization and a whole lot of zoom. This telephoto lens gives you great quality and features the sharpest images you’re going to find, no matter what zoom level you choose.

Style and Design

This lens is larger than some of the others you might find but that’s because it’s a full telephoto lens that’s going to give you plenty of extra features. You’re going to have a sleek, traditional design, which means you’re going to have no problem knowing how to adjust it as you go.

You get multi-layer coating over the lens to provide additional protection and you’re going to have options for just which type of camera it’s designed to fit. That makes it easier for you to get the right mounting brackets and gear to match up with your setup.

Overall Features

This lens is designed to do just about anything and everything you could want. It has 2 FLD glass elements as well as 3 SLD ones. It also has an optical stabilizer that lets you pan across easily without having to worry about movement in your photos or even in video.

You’ll also get a zoom lock switch that you can put into any focal length and if you change your mind you don’t need to unlock it because it has a manual override. You’ll have autofocus and the whole thing is water and oil repellent so you’re going to be better protected during just about anything.

Does This Lens Have a Cover?

You get a lens hood that makes it better protected and you’ll have a lens coat that will also keep it from getting damaged when not in use.

Can I Use This Lens in Low Lighting?

This lens isn’t quite the best in lower lighting because of the aperture. You may want to choose a different lens for things like concerts or dark events.

This is a great lens for any faraway subjects that you might need to photograph. You’re going to want it for the distance and the sharpness.

4. Nikon AF-S TC-17E II Teleconverter Lens

If you want the ability to get an even bigger lens for your Nikon then you’re going to need this teleconverter that can help make it happen. It’s designed to make sure you can connect a range of different lenses whether with full capability or less.

Abilities and Use

This converter is designed to help you use different lenses with your current camera. It provides you with a lot of versatility when it comes to connections and makes sure you can use your camera for more distance oriented photography. It does all of this by increasing the focal length by up to 70% of other lenses.

You’ll get a range of additional features to go along with this teleconverter and you’re going to have no problem making sure that you still get the quality of the photos that you’re looking for.

Overall Features

This teleconverter provides you with light transmission efficiency and also makes sure you still have color consistency and you have less flare. On top of that, you’re going to have great features for each of your photos and you’ll be able to use the lens for FX and DX digital SLR’s.

If you’re a professional photographer this is a great tool to provide you with full metering and focusing and to make sure you get quality speed on your lens still. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice for better image quality.

Does This Converter Allow Autofocus?

Some lenses can still use autofocus with this converter though not all of them. You would need to check the specs on the official website.

Does This Converter Affect the Lighting of Photos?

It can affect your lighting and you’ll have slower AF when the lighting around you is a little lower.

Does This Converter Come With a Warranty?

You will get a 1-year warranty with the purchase so the converter is going to be covered and let you know it’s made to last.

This is a great option for those who want to use higher-powered telephoto lenses but their camera just isn’t quite equipped.

5. Tamron All-in-One Zoom Lens

Looking for a zoom lens that comes with everything you’re going to need? This is going to be the one because it has all sorts of extra features and provides you with plenty of extra tools to go along with it. You’ll be able to do just about anything.

Overall Features

When it comes to this lens you’re going to have plenty of zooms and you’re going to have the added features that you’re looking for. It’s a telephoto with up to 22.2X zoom range, which means you can get wide-angle shots or you can take super close up shots without needing to swap out your lens.

This lens is moderate in size and features 18-400mm focal length, as well as several apertures, stops along the way. You’ll get a great angle of view and you’re going to have no problem connecting to a range of different cameras for quality photos every time.

Extras and Accessories

There are plenty of accessories included with this lens and you’re going to have no problem getting what you need. You’ll have the lens itself, but you’re also going to get a large lens hood and cap to protect it, a 64 GB memory card, a memory card reader, dust removal system, lens cleaning pen, additional lens hood, a filter kit and more.
With this set, you even get downloads for different programs that are going to make it a whole lot easier for you to get your images loaded up and ready to go for anything you want. You can even filter them out and create unique images with these systems.

Will This Lens Work With My Camera?

You should check your camera through the Tamron website where you can find a complete list of which ones it works best with.

Is There Image Stabilization With This Lens?

It does offer image stabilization so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting a tripod unless it’s for the weight.

This is a great lens that’s going to make your next game a lot easier and provide you with some excellent quality photos.


There are many different types of lenses out there and choosing the right one for any occasion can be a little difficult, but you can find something that works for your next event. Whether you’re looking for something for that next sporting event or something for a formal event, you’ll be able to get the lens that works. You can even find lenses that work great for all situations at the same time. So you’re going to be set up for success.

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