Which Shoes for Backpacking Among Dozens On The Market Should you Pick?

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You can’t wear just any pair of shoes while you’re backpacking. You’re going to be walking a lot and potentially through rough terrain or even up and down mountains. That means you need to make sure you have shoes that can get the job done and keep your feet protected along the way. Each of these pairs of shoes is going to do all of that and more.

List of Top-Rated Shoes for Backpacking

Product ImageProduct NameWaterproofShaft HeightStyleMen/WomenMore Information
1. Timberland Men's Chocorua Trail1. Timberland Men's Chocorua TrailYesMidBootMenMore Information
2. Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II2. Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus IIYesMidBootMenMore Information
3. Altra AFW1755F Women's Lone Peak Shoes3. Altra AFW1755F Women's Lone Peak ShoesNoLowTennis ShoeWomenMore Information
4. KEEN Men's Durand Hiking Boot4. KEEN Men's Durand Hiking BootYesMidBootMenMore Information
5. Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe5. Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking ShoeNoLowTennis ShoeMenMore Information

The Best Shoes for Backpacking Reviews

1. Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail

These hiking boots have a mid-height shaft and provide you with plenty of durabilities throughout the toe box and above. You’ll have the support and you’ll have traction, all of which make it easier for you to hike wherever you want to go and enjoy your trip.

Style and Design

These boots are great for hiking and provide you with all of the features that you’re looking for at the same time. They’re great looking boots that have clips up the sides and the shaft to make sure you can get a close fit, ensuring you’re not going to get blisters from your shoes sliding. The mid height shaft also provides more support and protection up through the ankle.

With these boots, you’re going to have plenty of options for the color combination that you want so you can get something that matches your personal preferences and style. You’re also going to have 100% leather boots, which means that they are going to be high quality and definitely that they’re more durable than you’ll find with other options.

Top Features

These boots are waterproof, so you can feel comfortable wearing them anywhere you want to go and not getting wet. You’ll also have a rubber sole that provides great traction even in wet weather. With the anti-fatigue technology, you’re also going to have no problem wearing them for an extended time.

If you’re looking for boots to wear all the time these will work great because they’re comfortable and durable but they’re also great for backpacking because they are durable. Not only that but they’re going to keep your feet completely dry when you add in membranes.

Are These Boots Waterproof?

These are waterproof and you’ll be able to trek through even rainy weather or wet areas without having to worry about getting wet.

Are These Shoes Comfortable?

These shoes are designed for comfort as well as breathability and traction. They do get quite dry if you’re out frequently.

These are comfortable shoes that allow you to hike through trails and anywhere else you want to go without worrying about water or warmth.

2. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II

These boots are designed for extended trips and are made to be lightweight and comfortable as well as waterproof. They’re even available in a range of different colors so you can get a pair that matches your personal preference.

Design and Style

These boots have a simple look to them that’s rather characteristic of hiking boots, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them. These boots have a range of different color and style options and you’re going to have no problem finding a pair that are going to look great on you if that’s important to you anyway.

These boots have a moderate height shaft and a strong midsole that’s also lightweight. That means you won’t have any problem moving around in these boots but you’re still going to have all of the features that you’re looking for. You can easily lace them up and get a tight fit as well.

General Features

These boots are made with leather for the upper and rubber soles. Together, these two things mean that these boots are durable and long lasting and also that they have excellent traction when you’re walking over less than ideal terrain or even through water and streams.

You’ll have plenty of breathabilities and even the tongue is meant to be highly durable and ready for just about anything. No matter where you’re heading these boots is designed to keep you comfortable the entire way there.

Do These Boots Work For Cold Weather?

These boots are designed to keep you warm when it gets colder outside but they’re also designed to keep you cool enough in warm weather.

Do These Boots Last A Long Time?

These boots are designed to last at least a couple of years, providing you with plenty of durabilities and the support you need.

This pair of boots is designed to keep you comfortable and to make sure you can enjoy your backpacking trip without having to worry about anything around you.

3. Altra AFW1755F Women’s Lone Peak Shoes

These shoes are designed more like a tennis shoe and give you the comfort you need for walking all day. They’re great for just about anything because of the traction and the support but offer a low-shaft so the ankle support isn’t there.

Overall Design

These tennis shoes are designed specifically for women and provide you with a great looking shoe that can also double as a hiking shoe. You can wear them no matter where you want to go because the rubber design of the shoe is comfortable and forms to your foot easily. You’ll be able to move around in them with no problem.

The design of these shoes makes them good for trail running and hiking and the color options mean that you can choose something you’re going to enjoy. You won’t have to worry about where to take them or how to use them for yourself.

Best Features

These shoes feature a moderate amount of cushioning, which is important when you’re going to be hiking and especially when you’re going to be moving through questionable areas and difficult terrain. They’re made with traction throughout the soles so that you can get a good grip over the terrain while you’re backpacking and they also have a contoured footbed that forms better to your feet.

The foot-shaped toe box and the zero-drop platform mean that these shoes don’t move your foot anywhere it doesn’t want to be and that they’re designed to fit close around the foot so there are less movement and sliding. Plus you get a more natural feel overall.

Will These Shoes Work For Everyday Wear?

These are great for wearing every day and work well as your standard pair of tennis shoes. Not only that but they stay supportive and comfortable.

Can The Sole Be Removed?

These shoes do have removable inner soles, so you can make sure you have the right level of protection and comfort for your needs.

This pair of shoes is designed to be comfortable and allow you to travel wherever you want to go throughout the day for work or fun.

4. KEEN Men’s Durand Hiking Boot

These boots are waterproof and provide a mid-level shaft to keep your ankle better supported. On top of that you’ll have a good fit and an American made shoe that is 100% leather, so you know it’s highly durable.

Overall Design

These hiking boots have a traditional look to them and look like exactly what they are. Even better, they’re made in some deep colors that you’re going to like wearing and they’re made entirely with leather. The contoured design of the shoe and the way that the bottom is shaped like a tennis shoe means that you have just the right amount of form around your foot.

These boots combine the best of both tennis shoes and hiking boots in giving you a more comfortable shoe that’s breathable and also still lightweight and supportive. You’ll have plenty of traction through the base of the shoe.

Top Features

These boots are made with leather and synthetic materials through the sole that provides more traction and makes sure that the boots themselves are durable and able to withstand normal use and abuse, even on the trail. They have an integrated heel cushion that provides you with even more comfort and they feature a proprietary membrane throughout.

The membrane allows these boots to be both waterproof and breathable at the same time, which helps you be more comfortable no matter what the weather is like outdoors. All you have to do is slip these boots on and you can recognize the difference. Built in America, these boots have anatomical engineering throughout the footbed so that they conform directly to your foot and arch.

Are The Boots Fully Waterproof?

These boots are designed to be completely waterproof. They’re great for any kind of work outdoors or even walking through puddles.

Are These Boots Designed for Warm Weather?

They are great for warm weather as well as cooler temperatures, keeping you comfortable by providing just the right breathability.

These boots are designed to provide you with comfort and to make sure that you can enjoy any temperature, whether cold or warm.

5. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

These shoes have a low shaft but they’re made with high-quality leather and mesh to make them more breathable. If you’re walking in the warmer weather you may want these to help you stay cool and keep your feet dry.

Overall Design

These hiking shoes are unique as they have almost a sandal look to them but provide the support that you would expect from a tennis shoe or even a hiking boot. These shoes are made with leather and mesh to provide a unique pattern and to create a great look that you’ll want to wear just about anywhere you go.

These shoes are available in several different colors and also feature a synthetic sole that helps you to get the traction you’re looking for and to have a more comfortable fit overall. On top of that, they’re made with nylon and foam to provide the right level of support and comfort all the way through.

Overall Features

The features of these boots are quite high quality, even though the shoes themselves look rather unique. These boots have a breathable lining that keeps your feet more comfortable even in the warmer weather. They also have mesh through the uppers that help add to the amount of air getting through.

The arch shank is made with a molded nylon and the foam of the tongue is designed to keep out moisture as well as debris. You’ll be able to feel comfortable in these shoes as well because of the unique material of the cushioned sole.

Are These Shoes Waterproof?

These are not fully waterproof because they’re designed to be more breathable. This is what happens with the added venting.

Can You Run Trails With These Shoes?

You can run and travel through the woods or participate in any kind of athletic endeavors with these shoes to help.
These shoes are great for warmer weather areas and they tend to provide plenty of breathabilities but they can be good for moderate temperatures as well.


Any of these shoes are going to make it easier for you to hike all day long. You won’t have to worry about support for your feet, breathability or traction because they’re all meant for those who get out there and put in the effort for that next backpacking trip. Each pair of shoes here is also great for those who want an everyday pair. You can wear these wherever you go for a more rustic look or you can add them to your backpacking and hiking gear. Either way, you’re going to have everything that you need and you can comfortably head out to go wherever you want.

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