Each Of These Sport Watches With Heart Rate Monitor Is A Good Choice!

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Keeping track of your heart rate while you exercise is important to make sure you stay healthy and safe. One of the best ways to do that is with a high-quality sports watch that will help you track not just your heart rate, but your activity levels and a whole lot more. The more you can keep tracking the better off you’re going to be when it comes to your overall health and wellness. So why not check out these top 5 options and see how each one could help you on your way?

List of Top-Rated Sport Watches With Heart Rate Monitor

Product ImageProduct NameWater ResistantBattery LifeColorsMore Information
1. Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch1. Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch50 meters4 days4More Information
2. Garmin Forerunner 352. Garmin Forerunner 3540 meters9 days4More Information
3. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR3. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR100 meters12 hrs.8More Information
4. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch4. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch1.4 meters30 days4More Information
5. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro5. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro50 meters3 days2More Information

The Best Sport Watches With Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

1. Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch

Made by a company well known for sports watches and smartwatches in general, this one is a great choice for the more active outdoors person. It has the option for dynamic workouts, plenty of songs, GPS and a whole lot more. You’re definitely not going to be lacking on the features with this one.

Style and Design

With this watch, you’re getting a silicone band that makes it even better for times when you may get wet or for workouts where you may sweat. It has a large screen that makes it easy to see all of the information and keep track of all your records and it gives you the time in a digital format so it’s easier to read. The color options let you make the most out of what you like best and let you have your own personal style while you’re at it.

With this watch, you’re getting something that’s a little large, but definitely has a sleek look that works well for anyone. It’s also going to give you all the features that you could possibly need, so you’re prepared for anything.

Overall Features

With this watch, you’re going to have a whole lot more than just the heart rate functions you’re looking for. You’re actually going to have the ability to start personalized workouts with step-by-step coaching. You’re also going to have tracking for everything from pace and distance to even your route and time zone. On top of that, you’re going to have plenty of apps available that range from sports, weather and music to run tracking and a lot more. That way, you can be on top of everything.

If you want something that’s going to track your next run and even let you track your next swim? This is definitely going to be a great choice. It has all the features you could need to make sure you’re prepared and you’re always going to be informed.

Does This Work in Water?

You can actually use this watch while you’re swimming so it’s a great option for swimmers who want to track their workouts.

Does This Have an Alarm?

It absolutely has an alarm and you’ll be able to make sure you get it too because there are two different strengths to it.

Does This Watch Have Wireless Charging?

No, there actually is no wireless charging ability with this watch but you’ll have no problem getting it charged with the cable.

This watch can definitely do a lot and that’s going to make it a great choice for anyone who likes to get moving outdoors.

2. Garmin Forerunner 35

Who do you go to when you want to know just where you are all the time? Garmin of course. And this watch is going to help you remember why. It has GPS and a whole bunch of other features to keep track of your workout and make sure you’re getting all the benefits that you should be along the way.

Style and Design

This watch has a silicone band that’s designed to help you stay more comfortable (and it to stay cleaner) while you’re working out and sweating. It has a larger face that shows you updates based on your preference, so you can always keep track of your heart rate or the time or a whole lot more. On top of that, you’re going to have a screen that’s easy to see in the daytime and at night, so you don’t have to mess around with the screen brightness settings while you’re in the middle of a workout.

With this watch, you’re going to have a style that’s very similar to other fitness watches, and you’re going to have the flexibility to make sure that it fits you and keeps track of everything that you need. There’s no need to worry about taking it anywhere you want to go.

Overall Features

With this watch, you’re going to have 4 different color options that you can choose from so you can pick something that you really want to use. You’ll also have plenty of features that start with GPS capabilities. The GPS on this watch can give you information about how far and how fast you run and even where you run. Want to run through the woods? It’s not a problem with this watch because it can keep track of you even still and it doesn’t need a phone in order to monitor your location.

On top of all of that you’re going to have a high water rating and you’ll have a heart rate monitor that keeps track of your heart all day and all night. That way you don’t have to worry about losing your record. You’ll be able to get alerts and notifications as well as music control and uploads to keep you connected at all times.

Does the Heart Rate Monitor Really Work?

You can use the heart rate monitor easily to make sure you have an accurate reading while you’re doing any type of workout.

Does the Screen Go to Sleep Mode?

It doesn’t go to sleep mode at any time so you can always see what the time is and you can set up what settings you want on the home.

This is a simple and convenient device that keeps track of just about everything that you do and how your workouts are working for you.

3. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

With its chunky but fun design, this sports watch is going to keep track of everything that you want and do it easily too. Not only that but it’s water-resistant and has features like GPS, heart rate and even several different training modes that you can choose from to get the right metrics for the workout that you’re doing.

Style and Design

This is definitely a unique smartwatch, but it’s going to actually give you the look of a standard one. It has an analog clock face that stays lit for you so you always know the time. The silicone band is great for any time you sweat, but it’s also going to keep this watch more comfortable on your arm and make sure that it’s highly adjustable. With the chunky, round watch face this looks just like your favorite traditional watch, but it’s going to give you a whole lot more.

You get to choose between 8 different colors and you get a steel bezel and mineral crystal glass that makes you rest easy. This watch is designed to be tough and to stand up to just about everything. It even has an outdoor grade touch screen to make sure it always responds to you.

Overall Features

With this watch, you’re going to have a moderate amount of battery life when you keep it in training mode, but you can upgrade that based on how you want to use it. You’ll also have the ability to take this one swimming with you because it’s water-resistant to 100 meters. On top of all of that it has GPS route navigation to make sure that you never get lost and several sport-specific training modes that make sure you’re going to get the most out of your workout every time.

Whether you’re going to be playing a specific sport (it has 80 in its database) or you’re going to race or take a trek, this is a watch that can definitely keep you moving and make sure that you’re always going to know your stats.

Does This Watch Offer Maps?

You do get a GPS tracking system as well as route navigation. Plus you can set up a ‘breadcrumb trail’ to help you get back.

How Many Languages Does This Support?

You can get this watch in any of 17 different languages so you’re ready for anything and you can make sure you get what you need.

This watch is a good balance of all the features that you could need and offers the watch functions that you want too.

4. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Available in several different colors this smartwatch offers activity tracking as well as sleep monitoring and a whole lot more. You’ll be able to connect with Bluetooth and you get plenty of warranty and service to go along with it. Overall, you’re getting a little bit of everything with this smartwatch and a great look to match.

Style and Design

With this watch, you’re going to have a slimmer profile, which is a good thing for some people. It has a moderate width band and a slightly larger face to go along with it. The face is also longer rather than being completely square, which gives you a little more space and information to view. Choose from 4 different colors to match your own personal style and definitely enjoy the silicone band that’s designed to make it fit just right and be sweat resistant.

This watch has a basic look that’s very similar to other fitness watches and it gives you plenty of flexibility and versatility at the same time. You’re definitely going to be able to get a lot done with this one, wherever you go.

Overall Features

With this watch, you’re going to have a lot of recording ability because it not only keeps track of just where you are with the GPS feature but also has a long battery life to make sure you don’t have to stop all the time to charge up. You can trust the warranty and the service, but it’s the features you really want. With this watch, you get heart rate tracking as well as activity tracking at all times and you get all the information you need from sport modes and more.

If you want to have notifications and alerts right from your favorite social media sites and your favorite apps you can get those right on this watch as well. That way you’re always going to be informed about what’s going on.

Does This Watch Have Texting Ability?

You’ll be able to get texts and read them on this watch but it’s not actually designed to let you text someone a reply directly on the watch.

How Strong is the Glass on This Device?

The glass is actually quite strong and designed to withstand a decent amount of pressure and abuse but a screen protector is still a good idea.

Is This Device Actually Waterproof?

The watch itself is actually water-resistant rather than waterproof so you’ll want to be careful with excessive amounts of water.

Overall, this is a good watch for just about any type of activity you want to engage in and makes it easy for you to enjoy your time.

5. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

This watch definitely looks more like a standard fitness watch rather than a smartwatch but it’s going to give you a lot of different features. You get the time and your steps as well as things like calories burned and heart rate. You’re also going to have plenty of abilities for each of your activities and different workouts you might want to do.

Style and Design

This is a great watch for anyone who wants to keep track of a lot and do it in style. It’s a simple design with the watch face actually built right into the band itself, so there’s nothing larger than the band going around your wrist. Even still, the screen is long enough that it’s going to give you plenty of information right on the home screen, without you having to change anything.

With this silicone band, you’re going to have comfort and flexibility and you’re going to have no problem enjoying the style and the look of this sleek watch. It’s simple, but it’s going to give you everything else that you’ve been looking for.

Overall Features

With this watch, you get the heart rate monitor that you want as well as plenty of other features. It can connect with a range of different fitness apps and even tracks all of your information about your workouts and about your diet for the day. You can even take it with you when you’re swimming or if you’re outdoors in less than ideal situations because it’s water-resistant.

Compatible with your favorite devices, this is a watch that’s definitely going to keep you up to date and help you get the workout that you’ve been looking for at the same time. All you have to do is put it on and you’ll be ready to go.

Is the Heart Rate Monitor Actually Accurate?

Yes, the heart rate monitor is actually extremely accurate and provides you with high-quality results while you’re wearing it.

Is This Easy to Read At Night?

You won’t have any problems reading this watch at night because it’s designed with an LED screen that makes it a snap all the time.

This is a great fitness watch for anyone who wants to keep track of what they’re doing and just how they’re going to get it done.


With any of these fitness watches, you’re going to have your heart rate monitor and then some. That means you can keep track of your heart and your health while you’re working out but you can also keep track of things like your steps and the results of your entire day rather than just the workout that you complete.

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