How To Find An Affordable and Reliable Women’s Backpacking Backpack?

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Backpacking requires you to have the right tools and one of the tools that you’re going to need is a backpack. But backpacks are typically designed more for men and don’t have the right level of support for women, especially those with broader hips. If you’re looking for a women’s backpacking backpack you need something that’s designed better for your body shape rather than for a man’s body shape. That’s where each of these come in.

List of Top-Rated Women’s Backpacking Backpacks

Product ImageProduct NameSizeColorsHydration SleeveMore Information
1. Osprey Packs Aura Ag 501. Osprey Packs Aura Ag 5050L3YesMore Information
2. Gregory Mountain Products Jade 532. Gregory Mountain Products Jade 5353L2YesMore Information
3. Gregory Mountain Products Amber 603. Gregory Mountain Products Amber 6060L2NoMore Information
4. Deuter ACT Trail 28 SL Hiking Backpack4. Deuter ACT Trail 28 SL Hiking Backpack28L3YesMore Information
5. Marmot Women's Graviton 365. Marmot Women's Graviton 3636L1YesMore Information

The Best Women’s Backpacking Backpacks Reviews

1. Osprey Packs Aura Ag 50

Available in several different sizes to make it easier to fit your specific body type, this bag is actually designed to fit right around your hips comfortably and help distribute the weight more evenly across your back and over the entire body.

Design and Size

With this bag you’re going to have plenty of space to take on a multi-day hike. That’s because it’s able to hold up to 50 liters of whatever you need. That includes a 3 liter reservoir that lets you carry plenty of water along with you for each leg of the trip. All you have to do is figure out how long you’re going to be gone and what to pack.
With this bag you’re going to have your choice of 3 different colors and you’ll have a standard hiking pack design that looks sleek and also provides you with plenty of space to carry along everything that you’re going to need for your next trip.

Overall Features

The features of this bag are great because they let you carry everything you need. There are special straps at the top of the bag that let you carry a sleeping bag attached to it but not inside. There are also straps for a trekking pole to make sure you have one always on hand but not necessarily having to carry it yourself. There’s also an adjustable harness and hip belt that you can adjust even while you’re moving on the trail.

The anti-gravity suspension makes it easier and lighter weight for you while you’re walking and the multitude of different pockets and zippers means that you’re going to have no problem keeping all of your belongings stored and easily accessible.

Are There Straps Included on the Bag for a Sleeping Bag?

This bag does actually have straps so you can put your sleeping bag right on top and make sure everything you need is right where you need it.

Do You Get a Rain Cover With This Bag?

You do not get a rain cover with the bag so you’ll need to get your own or make sure that you have a different type of protective cover.

Does the Pouch Remove?

You can easily remove the pouch at the top of the bag, which provides you with plenty of space for items or to attach something else instead.

This pack is great for anyone who wants to go out hiking and wants to make sure they have the space for everything they’ll need there.

2. Gregory Mountain Products Jade 53

Designed for a multi-day hike, this backpack is fully ventilated and provides you with a rain cover to keep your stuff better protected. You can even hook up your own hydration system through the bag so you’re always ready and able to get to your drink on the trail.

Overall Features

With this backpack you’re going to have something a little smaller than the last but you’re still going to have plenty of space for just about anything you want for a hike over several days. The bag itself has a hydration section where you can install your hydration pack. It also has a rain cover that gives you plenty of protection in case of less than ideal weather.

The bag is also ventilated through the suspension to provide you with more comfort while you’re hiking. Even when the weather starts getting a little warm. On top of that there are pockets and compression straps throughout that help organize and lighten your load.

Design and Size

With this bag you’re going to have 53 liters, which provides you with plenty of space for everything you need. You’re also going to have plenty of options when it comes to the look of your bag because it comes in different colors. If you really want something different you can also opt for different sizes of your bag to hold different amounts.

With this bag you’re going to have plenty of style so you won’t mind carrying this along with you wherever you go. Even if you’re not going out backpacking you can use this bag to help you keep track of your belongings anywhere.

Can You Use This Bag as a Carryon?

This bag is actually small enough that you can generally take it with you on a plane as your carryon. It’s also able to carry as much as you need.

Is There a Bladder Included With this Bag?

No, there is no bladder included. You’ll need to get a separate bladder and install it for yourself or set up a water bottle.

This bag is easy to carry and it lets you get plenty of ventilation, protection from rain and more. All of this makes it easy to use for longer treks.

3. Gregory Mountain Products Amber 60

This large pack is designed to make sure you’re prepared for a trip of practically any length. It has a rain cover, an internal frame and the balanced design that you’re looking for in a women’s pack. It’s definitely designed for just about any type of travel.

Overall Features

Designed to carry 60 liters, this bag is great for extended backpacking trips or hiking trips that will take more than just a couple days. It has an integrated rain cover to protect all of your belongings and it has adjustable components that allow you to get a more comfortable fit for your shoulders and back. That way you can more accurately distribute the weight.

There’s an internal frame with this bag, which provides you with even more support and makes sure all of your items are going to stay right where they are and where you put them. Designed with plenty of pockets to keep your belongings sorted where you want and even compression straps to keep it all tight, this bag is a great choice for a number of reasons.

Look and Style

This bag is great for the overall look as well as the other features of the bag. It comes in one of two different colors that are both going to make a statement and it has a standard look for a hiking backpack. You’ll be able to easily carry this bag wherever you want to go and you won’t have to worry about how it’s going to look at the same time.

With this bag you have a polyester construction and plenty of ventilation, all of which make it look good and make it easier to clean while you’re at it. All you have to do is slip on the padded straps and you’re going to see why this is such a great choice for your next hiking bag.

Does This Bag Fit Someone With Narrow Hips?

The hip belt can actually be adjusted to fit just about any size hips, including those who have narrow or even wider hips.

This bag is great for anyone who wants to go on a multi-day trek. It’s great for different types of travel and even has a rain cover and internal frame.

4. Deuter ACT Trail 28 SL Hiking Backpack

This pack is actually inexpensive and provides you with breathability and comfort while you’re hiking. Not only that but it even has space for a hydration system and all of the gear that you’ll need to take for several days of hiking.

Overall Design

The design of this bag is great for traveling anywhere you want to go, but it’s intended to be a little less bulky and a little more streamlined. The bag itself has plenty of zippers to provide you with places to store everything you need to take and the two-tone look makes it even more sleek and stylish.

The three different color options allow you to showcase your own personal style and the fact that this bag is designed specifically for women means that it fits well over your body shape. It’s also designed to give you all of the features that you’re looking for in a hiking backpack.

Top Features

With this bag you’re going to have the zippered pockets that you need to get more organized. You’re also going to have enough space for 28 liters worth of belongings. That makes this a good bag for those who want to go on a day trip or slightly longer than a day trip.

You get maximum ventilation with a special system to provide more breathability and you’re going to have plenty of comfort from the system that helps remove moisture away from your body. Designed to contour to your body without suffocating you, this bag is ergonomic as well as anatomically sound and lightweight.

Do You Get a Rain Cover Included?

There is actually a rain cover built directly into the bag, which means you don’t have to worry about additional pieces.

Is There a Pocket at the Waist?

This bag does actually have a pocket on the strap that goes around the waist so you can put the things you need close at hand.

This bag is great for anyone who wants to travel for a moderate amount of time or for a few days at least. It holds enough stuff and even has a rain cover.

5. Marmot Women’s Graviton 36

With this bag you’re getting heavy duty material that’s still highly breathable. It’s designed to the right length for women and also has the right support structure over the hips and shoulders. Not only that but it has enough space for everything you’ll need on overnight trips.

Overall Features

This bag is lightweight and 36 liters, which is enough for slightly more than a day hike. You’ll have a construction of nylon that’s ripstop so you don’t have to worry about the overall durability and you’ll have harnesses all the way across the shoulders and the hips to help you distribute weight more evenly. This bag is designed specifically for the hip size and torso of a woman.

You’ll have compression straps over the sides and bottom as well as back panels that help you to stay comfortable for as long as you’re carrying your bag. There’s even a suspension system that helps you carry your gear even better and a zippered compartment at the top that’s designed to give you access to smaller items.

Top Design and Style

With this bag you’re going to have a sleek look because the cover actually hides all of the zippered pockets. That means you don’t even see them and they’re not going to get in the way or rub against anything. You’ll have the entire bag covered so there’s less chance of leaks even if you get caught in adverse weather.

With this bag you’re getting a little bit of contrast on colors and you’re getting a look that’s definitely classic when it comes to hiking gear. This bag is ready to take you anywhere you want to go, even if that means to school or on a trip by plane.

Is This Bag Lightweight?

This bag is a moderate weight, at 2 ½ pounds. This means you can easily carry everything you want without feeling too weighed down.

This bag is simple and just the right size. It’s a great option for most users who need to carry their stuff with just the right weight.


With any of these bags you’re going to have a much easier time on your next backpacking trip. There’s no reason for you to try using a men’s bag when your shape just isn’t the same and the bag doesn’t fit right. These bags are designed to fit your frame and to make sure you can be comfortable throughout your hike.

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